How to Use NAMI token to Pay for Fee and Earn 25% Discount

What is NAMI token?

NAMI token is a cryptocurrency throughout the ecosystem of Nami Corporation. NAMI token is our main currency, used to deduct transaction fee and pay rewards to investors and users.

Pay transaction fee using NAMI token

At Nami Exchange, the standard fee is 0.08% for each Spot trading and 0.1% for each Futures trading. Paying transaction fee using NAMI token will enjoy 25% fee discount for Spot trading and 13.3% for Futures trading.

Go to Nami Fee Structure and tick on the box "Using NAMI deduction":

The details NAMI transaction fee discount

Spot trading

USDT Futures trading

VNDC Futures trading

In case users chose to Paying transaction fee using NAMI but the balance of NAMI is insufficient, transaction fee will be charged according to the standard Nami Fee Structure.